Would Warren Buffett Invest in Single Family Homes?

Would Warren Buffett Invest in Single Family Homes?

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Would Warren Buffett use his own Money to Invest in Single Family Houses?

Hear it from the leader of the investor world himself , Warren Buffett, on what he would do with his own money involving single family houses.  If you are ready to begin your dreams with real estate investing and follow Warren Buffett’s strategy with Above and Beyond Properties keep reading! 


When it comes to investing, there is an individual who absolutely TOWERS above others. Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, owns more than 60 companies featuring Geico, Duracell, and Disney. He is the “Orca of Oklahoma” and has the ability to influence entire investment markets. Buffett has proven to investors everywhere that a product doesn’t need to be new or exciting to be a profitable investment. He believes it best to invest in a more long term products rather than investing in simple fads. For example, he invested millions into razors and candy, the candy store turned into a cash cow and well, we all know how Gillette turned out. Thanks Dollar Shave Club!


Keeping with his safe and simple investment plans, it is no surprise that Warren Buffett is a fan of investing into single family homes. Watch the video below to hear his advice on your next investment!



According to Buffett, he would purchase a ton of distressed houses, fix them up and then rent them out. As he explained, the only thing missing in his strategy is property management. Too bad he never gave us a call, that’s what we do!.


At Above and Beyond Properties we find distressed homes in the greater Alabama and San Diego area to fix, sell or rent out to local residents. We then sell these homes to investors all of the United States. Investors like Warren Buffett love this strategy because it puts a turn-key property that is already seeing positive cash flow directly into their portfolio. The best thing is, with Rust Belt Rentals state of the art property management, the investor has very little to do. We take care of tenant placement, maintenance requests, rent payment and much more. All you have to do is reap the rewards of a smart investment. We like to call this “Mailbox Money”


Many of our properties are purchased distressed and in need of work. We take these “diamonds in the rough” and transform them into solid long performing rental properties. Since we saved so much money upfront by buying a torn up home, we are able to sell to investors at a better price than most competitors in America.


If you are interesting in following Warren Buffett’s advice, consider talking with the team at Rust Belt Rentals. We make it easy for investors to start their journey into buy & hold real estate.

For more information email Aboveandbeyondalabama@gmail.com

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